How to find a job

There are many ways of finding work.  The most popular sites for searching for job opportunities online include:


Trade Me Jobs








Indeed Jobs




Backpackerboard jobs



Online recruitment agenciesNZ job recruitment websites

Social Media – businesses are using their social media pages more and more to advertise positions within their company.

Newspapers – this is still a common place for employers to advertise jobs.  Keep an eye on the situations vacant section of local and national newspapers.

Noticeboards – check out the noticeboards at supermarkets, the mall, the town library to see if any suitable jobs have been advertised. Many people use this form of advertising as they do not have to pay a fee to advertise like many online sites.

Word of Mouth – asking around for jobs of interest or sharing with those close to you the types of jobs you are looking for can be a great way to get a job without having to compete with others.  If calling into companies asking for work, be sure to take your CV and cover letter to leave for the Manager.