Volunteering is working without expectation of financial payment (e.g. assisting at the SPCA) and
can include working to make a difference in the life of a community (e.g. running a church youth group).

There is a significant body of knowledge about the value of volunteering as a skill building pathway to employment. Some of the key findings in the research are:


  • Young people who volunteer venture out of their communities and meet new people and this builds their confidence and independence


  • Young people who volunteer are more likely to do well at school, grow skills they need for work, and to vote


  • Young people who volunteer have a better work ethic and employers respect this


  • Young people who volunteer learn how good it feels to help others


  • Volunteering may assist in “leveling the playing field” for these individuals who typically have a more difficult time finding employment


  • Volunteers network with organisations which could prove very useful when job seeking after
    school or graduation


Source:’Spera, C., Ghertner, R., Nerino, A., & DiTommaso, A. (2013). Volunteering as a pathway to employment: Does volunteering increase odds of finding a job for the out of work? Washington D.C: Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of Research & Evaluation.


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